Sunday, June 12, 2011

Robin Porchbird

UPDATE: Two out of three baby Porchbirds have joined us!

A robin chose our porch to build her nest. She found a flat spot on top of a column and apparently thought it was a great location. Being of a nervous nature, she may be regretting it now.

Three robin's eggs in traditional robin's egg blue.

An Ovular Trinity in Æsthetic Array

Porchbird, as she's come to be called, cannot tolerate much in the way of human presence. In 30 seconds or less of someone being on the porch she flees accompanied by a loud urgent chirping. We mean her no harm, of course, but she is insensible to our good intentions. As you can see from the photo, Porchbird is a traditionalist, going with the always-in-style robin's egg blue.

We look forward to the eventual hatching of the three junior Porchbirds.

UPDATE: Two of the three have arrived!

Two out of three hatched Porchbirds and a big hungry mouth



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