Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Love My Car 2.0

So, sometime ago my beloved Inger was "bent" in a minor accident. The silly insurance company felt that she wasn't worth unbending and gave me much less than she was worth... At least in my estimation!

My new 1999 BMW 528iT Sport Wagon

In any case, I have waited nearly a year and finally I've moved on. My new car is a 1999 BMW 528iT. She's black as night. Albeit a very shiny night. I haven't named her, and I am not sure I will. But she is a joy to drive, and I am very pleased to own her.

She's not as powerful as Inger, developing only 193 BHP to Inger's 222 but she's definitely more refined. The suspension lets me feel the road without feeling rough, the steering is very responsive and moving the wheel at all changes the car's direction. The brakes are perfect.

I have a little work to do on her. She needs a little cosmetic attention, and like Inger, she has her share of idiosyncrasies. But, frankly, I prefer it that way. She has character, and I feel happy when I drive her. I hope to keep this car for a long, long time.


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