Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Amazing NASA Imagery

UPDATE: Another image of the Los Angeles County fires acquired 3-August-2009.

Wildfires still burning in Los Angeles County

(full size image here)

(NASA's Earth Observatory Natural Hazards page for this fire, here.)

UPDATE: NASA has a good shot of the current (30-August-2009) Los Angeles County fires. It isn't quite as spectacular as the previous images since the fire is smaller and the smoke is drifting overland, but it is news.

Wildfires burn in Los Angeles County

(full size image here)

NASA has provided satellite views of the recent Southern California wildfires. These pictures bring home both the enormity and insignificance of the fires. Compared to the land mass of the US they are small spots, but the smoke they are producing is prodigious.

Wildfires burn in California

(full size image here)

High resolution versions of other great photos available here.

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